January 26th
Soirée Skate Kitchen || Organization of the event skate-art-video projection || Exhibition of 2015-2016 photos of NYC women skateboarding through a diaporama + presentation || Creation of a hand-painted skateboard design for the winner of the skate jam || Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles, France (solo show in partnership with Realaxe Association, Fortune Skateboards and Makadam Distribution)

September 27th
Artwork presentation of Details II Exhibition to Louis de Funès Primary School students || MVAC Paris 7/7, Paris, France || (solo show)
September 8th-October 2nd
Details II Exhibition || MVAC Paris 7/8, Paris, France || (solo show)
August 13th Skatepark module Painting || Skatepark de Chambéry, France || (solo painting)
August 9th Skatepark module Painting || Skatepark de Saint Alban Leysse, France || (solo painting)
August 6th Chair Painting || L’ Aérosol, Paris, France || (group painting)
July 29th Skatepark module Painting || Place de la Bastille Esplanade du Port de l’Arsenal, Paris, France || (group painting)
July 10th-September 7th Details Exhibition || MVAC Paris 7/8, Paris, France || (solo show)
March 14th-28th Shark Beauty Exhibition || Le Bistrot des Artistes, Paris, France || (solo show)
December 9th-January 13th Murs Ouverts 23rd Edition Exhibition || Le Lavo//matik arts urbains, Paris, France || (group show)

December 2nd
Wall Painting || 3 Allée Paris-Ivry & Boulevard du Général d'Armée Jean Simon, Paris, France || (solo painting)
December 13th-14th Wheel2Wall 2 - The Final Blast / Charity Exhibition and Party for San Skate || Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany || (group show)
October 30th-currently Collaborative Wall Painting with Wheel2Wall Charity Exhibition Artists || Marameo Berlin e.V. Neue Roßstraße, Berlin, Germany || (group painting)
October 26th-31st Wheel2Wall Charity Exhibition for San Skate || Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany || (group show)
August 14th-20th Chale Wote Street Art Festival Brazil House Surf Ghana Watamata Theme || James Town, Accra, Ghana || (group show)
May 25th-28th Far N' High Realaxe Booth || La Halle de Skate du Val D'orge, Villiers sur Orge, FR || (solo show)
March 24th Fargo Skateboarding 10th Annual Skateboard Inspired Art Show || Fargo Skateboarding, Dekalb, USA || (group show)

December 17th Chairurbaine Artshow || Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles, FR || (group show)
July 2nd Love it or Hate it Pt 10 Street Artist Artshow || The Skinny, NY, USA || (group show)
June 14th-18th Passé Press Futur || 74 rue Quincampoix, Paris, FR || (group show)
May 27th Love it or Hate it Pt 9 Street Artist Artshow || The Skinny, NY, USA || (group show)
May 27th-29th Far N' High Artists Booth || La Halle de Skate du Val D'orge, Villiers sur Orge, FR || (group show)
February 16th Love it or Hate it Pt 6 Street Artist Artshow || Lovecraft, NY, USA || (group show)
March 9th Skate Night photo-art-music-food || Leftfield, NY, USA || (group show)
November 18th 2015-March 9th 2016 Corinne Séguin Art Paris-NY || Leftfield, NY, USA || (solo show)

November 18th 2015-March 9th 2016 Corinne Séguin Art Paris-NY || Leftfield, NY, USA || (solo show)
November 18th Ladies Skate Night art-video-music-food || Leftfield, NY, USA || (solo show)
October 24th Tomboinyc skate-art-music show || Skate Brooklyn, NY, USA || (group show)
September 10th Planet X Part III All female lifestyle Art Event || The Grind, NY, USA || (group show)
August 8th Sorta Sketchy, FemmeSkate skate-art-music show || The Mini Ramp Project/Bushwick Community Darkroom/Brooklyn Lightroom, NY, USA || (group show)
August 09th F.A.M. Shindig food-art-music graffiti show || Paper Box NYC, NY, USA || (group show)
June 13th Graffiti Art Show NYC, Percent Artworks + Vape BLVD || Vape BLVD Astoria, NY, USA || (group show)
May 29th FemmeSkate Fundraiser || 595 Central Ave, NY, USA || (group show)
April 16th This Is Klap video premiere NYC || Skate Brooklyn, NY, USA || (organization of the video premiere + solo show)
January 12th Mug collaboration with French Salad, Paris, FR || 2 mugs design

November 20th-December 4th Pop Up Klap || Gallery 56 rue Volta, Paris, FR || (curator + group show)
October 23th-December 22nd Calaveras Exhibition || Chez Kate’s Paris Concept Store, Paris, FR || (group show)
November 5th Abomey-Paris-Abomey Urban Art Charity Auction Sale || Salon Marbeuf, Paris, FR || (group auction)
October 23th-26th Abomey-Paris-Abomey Urban Art Exhibition-Charity Auction Sale || 61 rue Maubeuge, Paris, FR || (group show)
September 26th-28th Realaxe Girl Weekend Exhibition || Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles, FR || (installation and games customization in group show with photographer Kate Murray)
September 13th Make Shift, un échange d’art Exhibition || Studio Delos, Paris, FR || (installation in group show)
May 27th CalliGym Artshow || Break Art Mix (BAM), Saint Michel, Paris, France || (solo show)
February 27th 7th Annual Skateboard Inspired Art Show || Small Town Skate Shop, Dekalb IL, USA || (group show)
February 21st OMG : oh! Mardi Gras Exhibition || 4 Art Gallery, Chicago IL, USA (1 piece in group show about Mardi Gras)

April 26-28th Views on Skateboarding Exhibition curated by Nollie Collective || Espace Jemmapes, Paris, FR || (Interviewee for a video documentary about skateboarding)

STA/ILIC T-Shirt Design || The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago, USA || (T-Shirt design voted as official among student group)
April 10th Architypo Exhibition sponsored by STA || Loft on Lake, Chicago, IL, USA || (3D letter piece in group show)
Design Makes Change Poster Contest (through AIGA) || Chicago, IL, USA || (Among the 3 finalists)

September 19th Interconnection Photo Exhibition || Chicago Studio, Chicago, IL , USA || (group show)

October 27th ILIC Cultural Fest The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Chicago, USA || (3 pieces in group show/contest)
(Awards: President price, 1st place & Honorable mention)
March 6th Fine Arts Exhibition The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago Gallery 350, ILIC Art Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA || (group show